Fitness Class


Fitness, Health & Well-Being Before Everything

At Yaga Retreat, fitness is an integral part of everyday life.
We offer a wide range of training formats and classes for all levels and abilities. 
The highest quality programming and experienced, intelligent coaching.
A supportive team mentality and an inclusive, friendly community of members spanning all fitness levels.


Classes We Offer

Fitness - Strength & Conditioning

Wednesday 6:00pm

Based on our scientific knowledge and cognate experience in training programs, we know that every person’s need is very unique. Having recognized your need to become fit and healthier while pushing beyond your current limits, we’ve got the perfect science-backed training packages to turn your goal into an achievement.

Fitness - HIIT Training

Wednesday 7:00pm

Get ready to have your pulse raised in this HIIT class. A mix of strength and cardio exercises that’ll push you to your limit! The only things guaranteed in this class are a major calorie burn and a serious endorphin high!

This class will not only make you stronger and leaner but it’ll also improve mobility and suppleness. Expect to still get a good sweat on!

Fitness - Box Body

Wednesday 8:00pm

All the basic elements of boxing in one class; expect the class to be fast paced and varied. Focused on building up combinations using shadow boxing techniques, you’ll notice your technique and fitness improve fast.

Train your body to be fight ready! High intensity rounds of skill & technique that prove cardio can be fun! A full body conditioning session.

Fitness - Lift

Sunday 2:00pm

Strength and Skill (SAS) is our weights based class that’s open to all abilities. A total body workout to tone and condition. Learn to lift under the guidance of our experts and watch your technique improve week on week.

Image by Tyler Nix